nXDS Program Package

 Version: Jan 19, 2024  Release_Notes

nXDS integrates and scales X-ray reflection intensities from randomly oriented single-crystals of the same compound, symmetry and cell parameters into a single data set. The program assumes an approximately monochromatic X-ray beam and a Gaussian rocking curve for the crystals (ignoring shape transforms). For a description of the package, including references, see   nXDS_doc.

nXDS can process data images from CCD-, imaging-plate-, multiwire-, and pixel-detectors in a variety of formats as well as from multi-segment detectors assembled from several rectangular components in arbitrary arrangement (see Supported detectors). Detector specific Input file templates greatly simplify the use of nXDS; they are provided as part of this documentation.

nXDS runs under Unix or Linux on a single server or automatically splits its task for concurrent execution by several remote hosts in a networked (NFS) environment where each host may comprise a shared memory multiprocessor system.

nXDS is free of charge for non-commercial applications and available here for downloading. Note, that the executables of the package will expire on Sep 30, 2025. For industrial usage of nXDS a license is required (e-mail enquiry : Wolfgang.Kabsch@mpimf-heidelberg.mpg.de).

XDS-Viewer is an open source program for looking at data images as well as control images generated during data processing by nXDS ( download XDS-Viewer).

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