is a main program that converts a series of detector image files to CBF format, a byte-offset variant of the CBFlib format. The program automatically recognizes most image formats currently in use, retrieves the basic dimensions of the image from its header, converts each pixel to a 32 bit integer, and efficiently stores the image as differences between successive pixels. merge2cbf can also merge a fixed number of consecutive images into one CBF type image.
The parameter values needed must be given by the user in a text file named MERGE2CBF.INP.
Moreover, the optional keyword LIB= full_path_name_of_an_external_library allows reading of the image by specification of a user written dynamical linked routine.
NOTE that the original header information is lost in the converted images!
Program input must be provided by the file MERGE2CBF.INP in the current directory.

Example input file MERGE2CBF.INP

 NAME_TEMPLATE_OF_DATA_FRAMES= images/mnco15107go_1_???.mccd
!NX=  3072   NY=  3072

merge2cbf will convert 50 MARCCD detector images residing as TIFF images in directory images/ into 25 CBF type images in the new directory cbf_images/. Each converted image contains the sum of the pixel contents of two consecutive TIFF images.

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